Call Her “They”, Not “She”! The New Scandalous Photos Of Lopez’s Heiress Caused A Furor

Lopez asks fans to refer to her daughter as “they” instead of “she.” The celebrity supports her child’s non-traditional gender identity, which is further explained in this article.

Like Jolie’s daughter, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emma has surprised everyone with her dramatic transformation. The 15-year-old now has a distinct appearance that sets her apart from conventional expectations, prompting curiosity among fans.

The entertainment star openly backs her daughter with consistent support. She embraces her daughter’s non-traditional gender identity, enabling her to explore and find her true self on her own path of self-discovery.

Lopez’s progressive approach has sparked varied responses. Some who recall Emma as a girl are taken aback by her transformation, while others view it as a natural part of life and have no objections.

The notable contrast in appearance between the iconic star and her daughter draws everyone’s attention. Their lives will remain under the spotlight. The family openly accepts that Emma’s appearance diverges from conventional gender norms.

She likely embraces her own distinct sense of femininity and is probably unfazed by the opinions or critiques of others.

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