Cat And Bearded Dragon Become Two Unlikely Best Friends

Meet Charles, a female bearded dragon, and Baby, an adorable white cat. Despite their contrasting appearances and species, these two have forged an unbreakable bond that serves as a testament to the power of friendship. While it is true that the cat could potentially harm the bearded dragon, Baby instead chooses to protect Charles and ensure her safety, opting for affectionate cuddles instead of aggression.

In return, Charles reciprocates Baby’s friendship and offers comfort whenever her feline companion is frightened by thunderstorms. The gentle bearded dragon embraces her furry best friend, soothing him during moments of fear and anxiety. More often than not, these inseparable buddies can be found snuggled up together, relishing in each other’s presence. On occasion, they venture outside to play, gazing out of the window while diligently safeguarding their shared home.

Occasionally, Charles exhibits a territorial side. On one occasion, she claimed Baby’s bed, leaving the white feline to resort to sleeping in a box. Despite this minor disagreement, their initial encounter led their owner to expect hostility from Baby towards Charles. Surprisingly, the two defied expectations and instead embraced each other in a cuddly display of friendship. This cat and bearded dragon have chosen to set aside their individual disparities, opting instead for a lifelong companionship that knows no bounds.

1. Come here, let me give you a kiss.

2. Cuddling with my best bud like.

3. Why hire security guards when the both of us are right here?

4. When you find the perfect spot to sleep on.

5. Aren’t the two of us just adorable?

6. Staring at each other like.

7. What do you think you are looking at?

8. Hanging out with my best bud.

9. Showering my friend with love.

Ps: Baby the cat now lives with another three bearded dragons and two cats.

Image Credit & More Info: charles_the_dragon

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