This Cat-Like Puppy Has People Confused (10 New Photos)

Photos of a cat-like puppy named Dúi (“bamboo rat”), who lives in Vietnam with his parents Hai Anh and Tuan, recently went viral. People immediately began to share their conspiracy theories about the breed of this animal.

Some said that it looks like a cartoon, others explained that it is of the H’mong race, and others did not care what it was, because it looks very cute and cuddly.



The Hmong dog is an ancient Vietnamese native dog breed originally used by ethnic people in the area. They originated in the mountainous area of northern Vietnam, they are strong and intelligent and are known for their adorable tails.



Mr. Tran Dinh Thao, who lives with two black Hmong dogs, says that they are very loyal and cute animals. Hmong dogs apparently get along very well with children and are generally quite social animals.



Hai Anh and Tuan told: “It’s only been 5 days since we created the Dúi fan page and now it has more than 40 thousand likes. The dog now has many admirers both in Vietnam and around the world. ”



Hai Anh explained that: “Dúi is a cross between a native breed and a short-legged dog named Dingo. But I think it must have some mutation.”



Dúi is a happy little dog who lives his life like any other puppy. And the photos don’t lie!


Facebook / Gumball Watterson









Hai Anh said: “Like all puppies, he likes to play with humans and dogs, he is very cute and funny.”

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