15 Celebrities Who are at Their Golden Age and Still Glorious as Ever

We’ve all heard the saying that age is just a number, when it comes to love that is. Is this applicable for fame as well? Although these celebrities who we love are over 80, they are still admired by the entire world. Even at 99, jokes made by Betty White have never gone out of style, and 83-year-old Jane Fonda is still able to grab the attention of the crowd. We have compiled 15 celebrities who are still adored the world over for their talent and influence.

1. Betty White, 99 years old

Turning 99 at the beginning of the year, Betty is as optimistic as always and is a living legend that proves aging is nothing.

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2. Jane Fonda, 83 years old

Back in 1962, she was the sensation of the movie industry, and nothing has changed over the ages. She has a regular fitness routine, and therefore proving that beauty is ageless. One of the people’s all-time favorite is her Jane Fonda’s Workout. Another fan favorite is the TV series Grace and Frankie where she stars in.

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3. Brigitte Bardot, 86 years old

Also known as BB, Bardot has also done major contributions in the fashion industry, and the Bardot neckline, which shows both shoulders, having a wide-open neck is named after her.

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4. Yoko Ono, 87 years old

This legend is the ex-wife of the Beatles member John Lennon and spends most of her golden years just staying at home.

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5. Sophia Loren, 86 years old

Even in her golden years, she is still beautiful, and after a long break of 11 years, Loren returned to her son’s Netflix film, The Life Ahead.

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6. Jack Nicholson, 83 years old

This legend needs no introduction. The film industry will be nothing with this triple Oscar nominee who has won 3, along with 12 nominations.

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7. Morgan Freeman, 83 years old

A fan favorite and adored by everyone around the world for his remarkable acting and deep voice, we can still see him in movies.

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8. Sir Tom Jones, 80 years old

A judge on The Voice UK, he still does his singing and working.

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9. Tina Turner, 81 years old

One of the brightest stars in the music industry, and it is shining just as bright as it was 30 years ago. Although retired, she popped in for her autobiography.

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10. Martin Sheen, 80 years old

This Golden Globe and Emmy winner has not given up on his true passion and career in the film industry, and we see him here and there in the latest movies.

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11. Judi Dench, 86 years old

Getting her fame for her role in James Bond movies, Dame Judy is a world-renowned actress, who has no intention to retire any time soon.

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12. Chuck Norris, 80 years old

This martial artist does not seem to have aged at all since his 40’s. Norris is renowned for his martial arts and acting.

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13. Raquel Welch, 80 years old

There are no words in English to describe her beauty. She is devoted to acting and her passion, sports. Welch admits that she does yoga for at least half an hour, daily.

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14. Al Pacino, 80 years old

We can still see this world-famous actor on the TV show Hunters.

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15. Julie Andrews, 85 years old

Who says our beloved Mary Poppins needs an introduction? This timeless beauty needs no introduction.

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She also brings to life the narrator Lady Whisledown in one of the latest Netflix Series, Bridgerton.

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