Child With Unique Shell-Like Growth on His Back Makes Inspiring Journey

James, lovingly nicknamed “Ninja Turtle Baby,” was born to Kaitlyn and Tim in August 2021. However, their joy was overshadowed when they noticed a scabby growth on James’ back.

Kaitlyn described the initial experience as terrifying, with medical professionals puzzled by the unusual condition.

(Photos Courtesy: Kaitlyn and Tim McCallum)

The growth evolved over time, resembling a turtle shell, earning James his unique nickname.

Despite the endearing moniker, the growth posed challenges for James, affecting his sleep and mobility. After much uncertainty, a pediatric dermatologist in Orlando diagnosed James with a giant congenital melanocytic nevus, a usually harmless condition that required medical attention.

At six months old, James began treatment to remove the growth, with specialists at the University of Chicago leading the way. The goal is to replace the affected skin with healthy tissue, leaving James with nothing more than a scar once the process is complete.

(Photos Courtesy: Kaitlyn and Tim McCallum)

Throughout this trying journey, Kaitlyn and Tim have displayed immense strength and resilience, with Kaitlyn highlighting the lessons she’s learned about motherhood and perseverance. As they near the end of this challenging road, they remain hopeful for a positive outcome.

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