Crying Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak. It Shows That You Are Strong Enough To Handle Yourself

Many people feel the need to hide their tears as they view them as a sign of weakness. They believe that showing emotions is disempowering, and therefore they often wear a mask to shield their true feelings. But why is expressing emotions considered weak?

From a young age, we are taught that crying is not acceptable. Our peers would laugh when we cried, and our siblings would tell us to stop acting like a baby. As individuals, we also view crying as a sign of vulnerability. We are surrounded by people who may wish for our downfall instead of our success, and crying in front of such people would make us look miserable. Therefore, we often say, “I’m fine” even when we’re not. We find it challenging to express our true emotions, and we fear that they won’t be accepted by others. As a result, we build a wall around our hearts and endure everything alone, allowing our pain to grow.

However, in reality, someone who is not afraid to cry is a person who has a high level of emotional intelligence.

Crying has numerous physical and mental benefits. When we express our true emotions, it demonstrates that we are not afraid to confront them. We recognize our reality, and we have the confidence to confront anything that comes our way. This helps us release all the negative energy that we have accumulated inside, making us feel more comfortable and at ease to view the issue from different perspectives.

Crying is the best mental detox that we can do for ourselves. It relieves stress, improves the quality of our sleep, fights unhealthy bacteria, and strengthens our immune system.

Additionally, crying in front of others empowers them to let go of their fears and face their reality.

So, from now on, don’t be afraid to cry. It shows that you are emotionally intelligent and strong enough to handle yourself.

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