Customer Enters ‘Express Lane’ with Too Many Items

Have you ever found yourself stuck behind a customer with an excessive number of items in the express lane of a store? A recent incident at Walmart highlights a cashier’s bold response to a shopper who disregarded the rules. Here’s my unforgettable experience at a Walmart in Colorado Springs:

I had just a few items—a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and a couple of other things. As I waited in the 10 items or less express line, a woman with an overflowing cart nearly ran me over to secure her spot in front of me. Oblivious to the limit, she started unloading her cart onto the checkout stand.

Calmly and patiently, the cashier intervened, asking, “Which ten items would you like, ma’am?” She held up both hands, displaying all ten fingers, and pointed to the sign above the lane that clearly stated “Ten Items or Less” in both English and Spanish.

The woman, turning red, questioned, “What?”

The cashier reiterated, “This is a ten items or less express line.”

Undeterred, the woman insisted, “I want all of this!”

Politely but firmly, the cashier replied, “Ma’am, I’m sorry. This is a ten items or less line. Please choose the ten items you’d like to purchase today.”

In frustration, the woman made a peculiar noise, resembling a screaming goat, and forcefully shoved her overflowing cart, narrowly missing a little old man on a bench. She then directed an obscene gesture at those of us amused by the situation, exclaimed, “F*** you!” and stormed out.

As I completed my purchase, I couldn’t help but appreciate the cashier’s quick thinking and comedic timing. I tipped her $20 for providing the best impromptu comedy I had witnessed in years. Truly priceless.

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