Dad Took Family Cat To Pet Groomer And Returns With A Cat That Looks Like Accordion

Do you remember those days when you were subjected to those parental-inspired haircuts as a child? It’s a rite of passage that many of us have endured. In our youthful innocence, we allowed our parents to dictate our appearance, even going so far as to determine the style of our haircuts, leaving us with no say in this grown-up decision-making.

But as time has passed, things have certainly changed. Looking back now, you may cringe at the memory of those moments. What’s even more amusing is that this fate isn’t limited to human kids; it can befall our furry friends as well, as one little kitty named Oliver discovered.

Oliver, the adorable feline, once boasted a stunning look. Some may argue that he still looks charming in his own unique way. Nevertheless, a trip to the pet groomer with his human father resulted in a haircut that left his human mother utterly unimpressed. The story of Oliver’s new look was shared by Twitter user Caitlin, quickly going viral across the internet.

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Meet Oliver, sporting his new, attention-grabbing appearance.

Caitlin, the Twitter user, shared the amusing tale of Oliver’s haircut,

Presenting a screenshot of her mother’s text messages accompanied by photos of the feline, all under the caption “I’m so done with today.”

The text from Caitlin’s mom read, “I’m going to effin kill your father!!! He dropped Oliver off for his groom, and this is how he came back. Seriously, I’m gonna puke! I’m so maddddd. We waited two months for this [appointment]. WTF!!! I can’t even look at Oliver… He looks absolutely ridiculous.”

And here’s a glimpse of Oliver with his new haircut, showcasing his rather unconventional style.

“My father told them to cut him like a tiger to play a joke on my mom,” Caitlin explained to Bored Panda. “Our family found it hysterical; we were all in stitches! However, my mom was far from pleased,” she added.

“On the left picture, you can see how Oliver looked before the grooming.”

Feel free to share your thoughts about this quirky tale in the comments section below!

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