Daughter-in-law Was acting Meanly Towards The Mother-in-law, So The Old Woman Decided To Give Her a Lesson

Lucy had moved in with her son and daughter-in-law, after she lost her husband Ron. She wasn’t ready to live alone after her loss, so she was staying in their house until she was ready.

Lucy had decided that the rent from her own house would go to her son, Connor. It was her way of expressing gratitude. With Connor busy as an IT technician, Lucy found herself spending a lot of time alone with her daughter-in-law, Eve, who dedicated herself to managing their home.

Initially, everything seemed harmonious. Eve was exceptionally kind and attentive, taking charge of cooking and cleaning without letting Lucy lend a hand. But Lucy couldn’t help but try to assist with household chores, even though her aging knees protested.

As Christmas approached, Eve, absorbed in TV watching, made an unexpected request. “Lucy, once you finish the laundry, could you go buy groceries for tonight’s dinner and our Christmas feast? We’re expecting nine guests. I’ll give you the money.”

This surprised Lucy; typically, they shopped together. However, this time, it wasn’t a request but an order.

It dawned on Lucy that the longer she stayed, the more she felt like a maid in her daughter-in-law’s house rather than a guest.

Determined to impart a lesson before departing, Lucy drew on her experience from managing large family gatherings.

On Christmas Day, the house filled with the enticing aroma of Lucy’s culinary creations. Guests arrived, praising the delicious spread.

“Aunt Lucy, did you cook all of this?” asked one of Connor’s friends, visibly impressed.

“Yes, Ross, I did,” Lucy replied, basking in the praise. Connor seemed proud of his mother, although she couldn’t shake the absence of her husband, Ron, during their first Christmas without him.

Eve, too, voiced her surprise at Lucy’s culinary prowess, but her envy was palpable. Later, as they tidied up after dinner, Eve sought a conversation.

“Lucy, can we talk?” Eve’s tone was hesitant.

“Of course, dear. What’s on your mind?” Lucy replied.

Eve expressed regret, realizing she had unknowingly burdened Lucy with household responsibilities. Lucy smiled, understanding that Eve had learned her lesson.

“I appreciate your acknowledgment,” Lucy began gently, “but I need you to understand that despite my willingness, my age and knees don’t cooperate as they used to.”

“We make a good team,” Eve replied, suddenly understanding. “Let’s get you comfortable. I’ll prepare a cup of tea for you.”

The harmony was restored, lessons learned, and a newfound understanding emerged between the two women.

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