Depressed Rescue Dog Was So Lonely – Becomes Best Friends With A Mouse

Osiris, the dog is a Dutch Shepherd who has an uncommon relationship with the mouse, Riff. Riff was rescued when he was just 4 weeks and nursed back to proper heath with help of a syringe. Since then Osiris is nothing but kind and friendly to Riff as his own family.

Osiris was a rescued one himself. He was abandoned in a parking lot when he was merely a pup. These new owners of him took him in and gave him a shelter. We can see why he is so fond of other foster animals.

After all, Osiris has been trained as a therapy dog. He has all the patient and the understanding in the world to help his owner to take care of other animals as well. He is kind of the guardian to them now.

Here is an adorable video of our adorable duo showing their affection to each other. And there is not only one mouse now. But Osiris and Riff always be special to each other.

The mouse is licking and helping Osiris clean himself. Well, there is not much for Osiris to do anyway since Riff take care of everything. Riff even go inside Osiris’ mouth and clean his teeth off. And Osiris doesn’t have a problem with this as well. He just let Riff do his thing.

At first their owners were little reluctant to introduce these two to each other. For obvious reasons of course. But once they did, it wasn’t much of a surprise how well Osiris adapted to little creatures. “He is the sweetest and most caring dog I’ve ever met in my live” his owner said this at the @osirisandriff Instagram.

Just some addition to that, don’t you try making a mouse friends with your dog now. There is a big chance the dog would eat the mouse. Osiris was a special case. He was well trained therapy dog and also their owners knew what they were doing. With that being said, please share the story of this adorable duo with your loved ones. Also put your thoughts in comment section below. We love to hear your ideas. Spread the joy!

Image credits & further info: osirisandfriends / Instagram

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