Divorce Counselling!

A couple experiencing a rocky marriage decided to seek guidance from a marriage counselor.

The counselor earnestly implored them to reconcile, but they remained steadfast in their decision.

“Well,” the counselor began, “if you’re determined to part ways, you must be aware of the consequences. It’s crucial to divide your assets equally.” The wife reacted strongly, exclaiming, “You mean I have to give him half of the $4,000 I’ve saved? My hard-earned money?”

“Yes,” replied the counselor, “he is entitled to $2,000, and you will receive the remaining $2,000. What about the furniture? I paid for that,” argued the wife. The counselor maintained, “Same principle applies; your husband gets the bedroom and the living room, while you get the dining room and the kitchen.”

The wife, undeterred, posed another challenge, “And what about our three children?” The counselor found himself momentarily at a loss. After carefully assessing the situation, he came up with a wise, Solomon-like response, “Return home and live together until your fourth child is born. Then, you take two children, and your husband takes two.”

The wife shook her head in disagreement, stating, “No, I’m certain that wouldn’t work out. If I had to rely on him, I wouldn’t have the three children I already have.”

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