Dog Walker Eric Founds a Gentle Pit Bull Tied to a Tree with a Note Attached

Dog lovers can never let the dogs to be stayed alone. This is the story of Mamas, the lovely Pit Bull. A dog walker named Eric Maus was taking a stroll through Prospect Park with his clients. While walking he met a stranger who was sad and alone. That was a Pit Bull, tied to a tree, and there was a note attached.

“Take me home. I’m a great dog. I’m 7 years old. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m sweet.”
At this point, Eric approached there with two other dogs, but it didn’t make her move an inch. She was friendly and a lovely girl.

Eric knew that he couldn’t leave her behind. He was no idea what to do next. The Prospect Park wasn’t also a good place for a dog to be alone yet here Mamas was.

Then he posted a photo of Mamas on Facebook to a neighborhood page asking what to do next. Within a few minutes, they started to respond. One Good Samaritan asked to meet them by the tree and also arranged a vehicle to pick them up outside of the park to take them to Sean Casey Animal Rescue. The shelter had a kennel available for Mamas.

They walked out of the park together. But Mamas had to take a slow walk due to her size and a possible bladder infection. Then she was loaded up to the rescue, and it made her hesitancy went away!

She was ready to move to a new chapter in her life. She jumped right out of the car to proceed into the shelter! She knew finally that she was safe!

She needs to stay through the required stray hold and got a bill of health. Then she will be put up for adoption to get her home! We hope that Mamas is happy there, and people around her love and care for her. And she will be there until she finds a lucky family to have her.


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