Woman Gives Her Old Dog The Last Walk To Make Her Happy Before Leaving

The family made a noble gesture towards their companion who accompanied them for many years.

The adorable Libra came to the home of the Kramer family more than fifteen years ago when she was a small and very cute puppy. The affectionate dog remained at home for many years, developing a sentimental connection with little April, daughter of Mr and Mrs Kramer. During all those years Libra became something more valuable than a simple pet, she became a fundamental part of the family nucleus.

April Kramer

During those 15 years together, little April and Libra created an unbreakable bond, forging a rather admirable friendship. Unfortunately, they recently had to experience an event that afflicted the entire Kramer family.

April Kramer

Adulthood arrived for Libra and with it a series of complications in her health. These complications prompted the family to take their beloved dog to the vet, so they learned that Libra had serious difficulties in her lungs, which was causing a rapid deterioration of her unstable health.

April Kramer

Despite the fact that the family tried to take her on several occasions to perform different treatments that would improve her health, all attempts failed, unfortunately, the time of her beloved Libra had come to an end.

April Kramer

In addition to the fact that her complications were quite serious, the faithful dog suffered great problems due to her deteriorating state of health. So the Kramer family decided to let her go so she wouldn’t experience so many bad times during her old age.

April Kramer

The decision was not easy at all, since between the family and Libra there was an unbreakable and quite admirable connection. But after thinking about it for a while, they understood that it was for the best.

So before their departure, they wanted to ‘see their beloved dog smile’, so they took her to do an activity that was one of their favourites. A refreshing drive.

April Kramer

This was how she lived her last moments before his imminent departure from this world. April decided to roll down the car window so the innocent dog could cool off with the pure air for 30 minutes as they drove to the vet for the procedure.

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