Dramatic Horse Named “Jingang” Pretends To Be Dead Whenever Someone Try To Ride Him

In our lives, we often find ourselves engaging in pretense. If we reflect on our past, we can surely recall instances where we feigned illness to avoid going to school or pretended to be angry to seek extra attention from our partners. However, it is unlikely that you have ever encountered a horse that pretends to be dead to prevent anyone from riding it. Surprisingly, we have come across such a horse, and we feel compelled to share its story.

Jingang is truly a unique equine, unlike any other horse you may have heard of. He displays little enthusiasm when it comes to being ridden by humans. Instead, he has developed his own peculiar method of dissuading riders—he convincingly pretends to be dead, employing a rather over-dramatic performance. The horse’s trainer, Francisco Zalasar, captured a video of Jingang playing dead, which quickly became a viral sensation. Over 82,000 people expressed their appreciation for the video, and it garnered an impressive 630,000 shares. Many viewers found amusement in witnessing the horse’s antics, drawing parallels to their own experiences of employing similar tactics to evade work or responsibilities.

In addition to Jingang’s intriguing behavior, Double ‘D’ Trailers has compiled a collection of fascinating facts about horses. We thought it would be worth sharing some of these discoveries with you. For instance, horses possess the remarkable ability to run within hours of being born—an undoubtedly extraordinary feat. Furthermore, you may have observed horses “laughing,” which is actually a technique they employ to enhance their sense of smell, helping them discern between pleasant and unpleasant odors. Further exploration into the world of horses will unveil an array of equally captivating facts.

Without further ado, we invite you to scroll down and witness Jingang’s performance firsthand. We have included a video for your enjoyment and amusement.

Image Credit & More Info: Frasisco Zalasar

Some horses might not enjoy doing some hard work.

Jingang is such a horse who pretends to ‘die’.

He is doing this as he doesn’t like to be ridden.

Jingang enjoys ‘horsing around’.

But not the hard works.

It is cute but naughty too.

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