Engineer Vs Doctor: Who Is More Brilliant

The dynamic between doctors and engineers has always been intriguing, as they often find themselves at odds, each trying to assert their intellectual superiority. The ongoing debate about who is smarter, a doctor or an engineer, is a source of amusement for many. However, there is a humorous tale that may shed some light on this age-old question.

Engineer vs. Doctor

Once upon a time, an engineer decided to open a treatment clinic. To everyone’s surprise, the engineer offered a unique proposition: “Pay $500 for treatment, and if you’re not cured, you’ll receive $1000 in return.”

News of an engineer taking on the role of a doctor and running a clinic spread quickly. When a doctor caught wind of this, he saw an opportunity to expose the engineer’s supposed incompetence and win the promised $1000.

The Doctor’s Challenge

The doctor entered the clinic and complained about a loss of taste in his mouth. The engineer instructed the nurse to bring a vial labeled “Elixir” from box number 22 and administer three drops to the doctor. Despite receiving the drops, the doctor stubbornly claimed that his taste had not returned. However, the moment he tasted the liquid, he exclaimed, “This is gasoline!” The engineer confidently declared that the doctor had indeed regained his sense of taste, and as a result, the doctor had to pay him $500.

The Ingenious Engineer

A few days later, the doctor returned to the clinic, this time complaining about a loss of memory. Convinced that he could outsmart the engineer, he demanded the same elixir from box number 22 and the three drops once again. The doctor vehemently protested, shouting, “No! It’s gasoline again!” However, the engineer remained steadfast in his claim that the doctor had regained his memory, thereby winning another $500 from him.

The Doctor’s Persistence

Undeterred, the doctor was determined to secure victory over the engineer. After a few more days, he returned to the clinic, this time claiming to have lost his eyesight. Aware that he would once again be given gasoline, he prepared to endure the taste without uttering a word. The engineer, however, conceded defeat and admitted that he was unable to treat the doctor’s eyes. He handed over $1000 to the doctor, who promptly noticed that the currency was only $500. Astonished, the doctor exclaimed, “But this is only $500!” To this, the engineer calmly responded, revealing his triumph, “Ah, I see you’ve regained your eyesight!” The doctor begrudgingly paid the engineer another $500. He recognized the engineer’s remarkable wit and respected his intelligence.


This lighthearted tale does not imply that engineers are inherently smarter than doctors. It is merely a humorous anecdote meant for entertainment. Both doctors and engineers play vital roles in society, ensuring our safety and well-being. Each profession has its unique contributions, and it would be unjust to undermine the significance of either.

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