Exasperated Wife Calls Mother-in-law About Her Husband

Darcy found herself facing the daunting task of single-handedly raising her child, as her partner, who claimed to be the head of the household, consistently prioritized spending time with his friends at the bar or being unproductive at home.

On a particularly challenging day, Darcy decided to reach out to her mother-in-law for some assistance. Their relationship had not always been smooth, as the mother-in-law tended to side with her son rather than offering support to Darcy.

Darcy asked, “Could you tell me who changes the child if it poops itself? Is it the dad or the mom?”

In a condescending tone, the mother-in-law replied, “It is always the mother, dear.”

“Okay then,” said Darcy. “Could you come over please? Your son got drunk and sh*t himself.”

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