The Pup from Illinois who spent 372 days at a shelter couldn’t contain his joy when a human finally stopped at his kennel.

Some dogs just need to wait a little longer than others for their forever home. But, when it finally happens – all those endless nights and days of sitting in hope and waiting for that special moment become a thing of the past!

Meet Major, the pawesome pup who spent over a year at a shelter in Illinois until his perfect match walked through the door.

Major and His Brother Rescued From Euthanasia

Dog with tennis ball in mouth

Before becoming a sweetheart at the Naperville Area Humane Society, Major, a 3-year-old dog, and his brother Hilo were at a shelter in Quincy, Illinois. The staff at NAHS saved them from euthanasia.

Known for their quirky and friendly spirits, Major and Hilo won the hearts of everyone at the shelter. They are sociable, playful, and loved by all.

The staff at NAHS recently shared a video of Major and Hilo to showcase their lovable personalities and unique charms.

Overlooked Without Reason

girl kissing the dog

Although Major is a great dog with a friendly demeanor and good manners, he was consistently overlooked by potential adopters for unknown reasons.

Volunteers at NAHS described Major as intelligent, affectionate, and deserving of a loving family. Everyone at the shelter adored him and wished for him to find his forever home.

Major’s Love for His Buddies

Despite his caregivers, Major loved spending time with other dogs at the shelter, regardless of their size or temperament.

The Big Day Arrives

dog entering the truck

After 372 days at the shelter, on a Wednesday, Jose, a truck driver grieving the loss of his dog, came to NAHS looking to adopt. The staff knew Major was the perfect match.

Jose and Major instantly connected, and after a heartwarming farewell to his shelter friends, Major jumped into the truck with his new dad.

Embarking on New Adventures

guy hugging the dog in truck

Major is now enjoying life on the road with his new owner. He is thriving, jumping out of the truck with ease and cherishing snuggle time at night.

dog with head outside of the window of truck

Major is embracing each day as a new adventure, and his smile never fades!

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