When You Feel Down Or Sad, These 20 Fluffy Calf Photos Will Bring a Smile to Your Day

When you think of fluffy animals, what comes to mind? Maybe a bunny, a fox, a kitten, or maybe even a panda comes to mind. This being said, however, there is another fluffy animal out there. A breed of fluffy cows, whose calves are as heart-melting and as adorable as the fluffiest animals you could ever think of.

Say hello to the cutest, fluffiest of cows, Highland cattle. With luxurious coats of fur, this Scottish long-haired breed of cow stands out, and they have fine double fur. The outer layer is oily and is the longest of any cattle breed, and the undercoat is downy.  This double coat of fur makes the highland cows well suited to the extremely harsh weather conditions in Scotland, as strong winds and heavy rains are very frequent. Because of this double coat, baby Scottish Highland cows are the cutest calves you’ll ever see… we have compiled a list of the cutest poses of these fluffy highland calves, which will leave you wanting cow-ddles. Enjoy and let us know what your favorite ones were.


Reddit / waffleboss


siimonixx / Reddit


Instagram / @ratiaranch


Instagram / @riuttahighland


Instagram/ @ratiaranch


Instagram / ratiaranch


Instagram / riuttahighland


Instagram / @happyhensandhighlands


Instagram / @ratiaranch


Instagram / ratiaranch


Instagram / riuttahighland


Instagram / highlandcattleofsaarela


Instagram / @happyhensandhighlands


Instagram / @rivercrestfarm


Instagram / happyhensandhighlands


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Instagram / @greenlanefarm


Instagram / @cow_lovely


Reddit / JaderBug12


Imgur / Swedishhighlander

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