Friends Who Say “I Love You” Matters

Commonly believed, a soul mate is not just a term reserved for a romantic partner but also refers to a close associate or friend who accompanies us on our journey through life. Some soul mates remain by your side only for a short time, while others stay with you for a lifetime. Regardless of how long they stay with you, you will always remember them since they have come into your life for a purpose.

Throughout your life, you will encounter five different types of soul mates.

1.The Friendship Soul Mate

This soul mate is the one who becomes your best friend in life. The moment you meet them, you know that you will hit it off and remain friends for a lifetime. You can spend hours talking with them, and they understand you in a way that no other friend does. This soul mate is here for the long haul, so it is important to nurture the relationship and never take it for granted.

2.The Wrecking Ball Soul Mate

This soul mate enters your life for one reason: to help you change. They arrive when you need a fresh perspective and challenge you to reflect on your choices and plans. This soul mate is like a hurricane, a storm, and you willingly get swept away because you have never experienced such a rush before. Just like a storm, all this soul mate leaves behind is debris, but it is the debris of your past self, and you emerge as a new person.

3.The Lover/Affair Soul Mate

This soul mate teaches you an important life lesson. They could be your first love, a hidden affair while you were with someone else, or just a passionate, friends-with-benefits type of relationship. These relationships develop gradually, and since you both learn so much from each other, the bond will last for a long time even if you remain just friends.

4.The Stranger Soul Mate

This soul mate is the one you meet unexpectedly, on a flight, bus ride, at a party, or just walking down the street. The moment you see them, you feel like you recognize them from somewhere or as if you have met them before. If you believe in reincarnation, this person may be someone you knew in a past life. Although the time you spend with each other may be brief, you both have words of wisdom that you need to hear.

5.The Divine Love Soul Mate

This is the type of soul mate that people usually refer to when they talk about soul mates. If you are lucky enough to find this person, it means that you are destined to be together. This soul mate represents the culmination of all the other soul mates listed above. When you see them, you instantly recognize each other, and it feels like you have known them forever. Your connection will be passionate and intimate, and it will be a miraculous love that you have never experienced before.

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