A German Shepherd Saved His Owner’s Life by Treading Water for 11 Hours

After his owner’s boat sank off the coast of Brisbane, Australia, a German Shepherd surprised everyone by treading water for 11 hours. Not only that but her human had been saved because of her stoicism.

A group of fishermen noticed the pup urgently swimming among floating debris such as a fuel tank and a tackle box. One of the fishermen called the Moreton Bay police, who quickly organized a rescue.


They first dragged the weary dog out. Heidi, the brave dog, was taken to a vet clinic for treatment. As reported by ABC News, a helicopter, four police vessels, and Coast Guardsmen arrived on the scene.


Fortunately, the rescue crew was able to track down Heidi’s owner a few moments later. The 63-year-old guy was attempting to get onto a sunken vessel that was 13.5 feet in length off the coast. Afterward, he informed authorities that “the boat had lost power the previous evening and had begun to take on water.”


He further stated that at the point when the boat began to sink, he and Heidi were separated from one another. Since that time, the intrepid canine has managed to swim for 11 hours straight until she was noticed by the fishing boats. Her owner is still alive today as a result of her great efforts.

Both the owner and his pet dog made it through the ordeal without being hurt or harmed. Shortly after the incident, the authorities issued a safety warning to anyone who might be planning a trip to an offshore location.

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