This Man Walks All Day Through The Snow To Create Gigantic Snow Patterns

There is many a time where we come across unusual and very original artistic manifestations, which makes us wonder whether our eyes are playing tricks on us and how such extraordinary ideas are made possible. We may have seen it all. However, there are many memorable declarations from people who express themselves most remarkably and excellently possible.

Simon Beck on Facebook

Simon Beck, a truly original artist, decided to devote his artistry to a genuinely fascinating hobby. What’s so special in what he does, you may ask. Although simple, it’s not apparent, unless you know what’s happening: Beck draws in the snow. Wearing mountain boots, Simon sets off into the icy valleys searching for a white sheet of snow to use as his canvas to express himself. These snowy white landscapes give Beck free reigns on his creativity, which allows him to provide the best of himself. Using only his feet, he creates masterpieces that are perfectly integrated with nature, and these are incredibly ephemeral as well.

Simon Beck on Facebook

Have you ever thought of wearing your snow boots and creating graffiti directly on snow-capped mountains? If not, you’re not going to fit in with Simon, an epic “white” artist. Beck uses his talent to create massive and impressive scenes right in the middle of the snow-capped mountains.

Simon Beck on Facebook

These fascinating works of art have snowflakes, natural elements, leaves, geometric patterns, and are even inspired by several great names in art history. Simon’s work of art indeed looks like a dream and transports us to a magical and wintery atmosphere.  It’s astounding how Simon uses his know-how in his career. With only his feet and snowshoes’ strength, he uses himself as a brush to make these masterpieces.

Simon Beck on Facebook

Although Beck’s work is elaborated, has so much attention to detail, and looks breathtaking from above, they are also volatile and ephemeral. It only takes a small gust to wipe out Simon’s hard work, to turn a new leaf of pure white snow for him to work on. As Simon does his masterpieces in a place subject to natural elements, it is destined to be short-lived. Therefore, these works of art make it much more fascinating.

Simon Beck on Facebook

Simon Beck is truly a talented and brilliant man who has chosen an unusual yet spectacular way to share his talents with millions around the world. Simon creates his wondrous art in the quiet remote mountains while walking and paying homage to Mother Nature.


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