Girl Shares Therapist’s Advice To Draw On Her Body Instead Of Hurting Herself

Psychological issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety are common experiences that many individuals face at some point in their lives. Various factors like heavy workloads, the end of relationships, or the sudden loss of loved ones can significantly impact our mental well-being. While some individuals possess the ability to effectively cope with these situations, others may struggle to manage the pressure and emotional imbalances that arise, and in severe cases, they may even contemplate fatal actions like suicide or self-injury.

It is crucial to emphasize that no matter how difficult circumstances may appear, resorting to self-harm or contemplating suicide should never be seen as viable options. It is important to remember that the difficulties we face in the present will eventually fade away with time. Therefore, it is essential for all of us to find healthy ways to address and cope with our emotional imbalances.

One individual who previously engaged in self-harm turned to the internet to share her journey of overcoming this harmful habit through the medium of art.

Her story quickly gained viral attention, and in response, someone suggested that the Zentangle method, which involves creating easy-to-draw patterns, could be particularly beneficial.

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Zentangle art is characterized by its non-representational and unplanned nature, allowing individuals to focus on each stroke without worrying about the final outcome. There is no specific orientation in Zentangle art, and it can be created by rotating the drawing surface as you work, while keeping your hand in a relaxed position. The beauty of Zentangle is that you don’t need to envision the final result before starting; you simply need to follow the steps. The end product often brings about a pleasant surprise, as described on the official Zentangle website.

For a visual demonstration of how these drawings are created, you can watch the accompanying video below.

Video credits: charvi ashtekar

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