Gregg Segal’s Photo Series Shows What Children Around the Globe Eat in a Week

Have you ever wondered what children from various corners of the globe eat in a week? Photographer Gregg Segal has a knack for capturing the impact individuals have on their surroundings. In his 2014 series “7 Days of Garbage,” Segal vividly showcased the immense amount of waste produced by people in a week. With his latest project, “Daily Bread,” he shifts focus to the weekly diets of children worldwide.

Over three years, Segal traversed nine countries, including France, Germany, USA, Malaysia, India, Senegal, Brazil, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates.

Join us as we delve into remarkable snapshots of the weekly food consumption of children from diverse cultures across the globe.

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#1 Kawakanih Yawalapiti, 9, Upper Xingu Region Of Mato Grosso, Brazil

#2 Anchal Sahani, 10, Chembur, Mumbai, India

#3 Davi Ribeiro De Jesus, 12, Brasilia, Brazil

#4 Ademilson Francisco Dos Santos (11) Vão De Almas, Goiás, Brazil

#5 Meissa Ndiaye, 11, Dakar, Senegal

#6 Hank Segal, 8, Altadena, Ca

#7 Beryl Oh Jynn, 8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#8 Sira Cissokho (11 Yrs Old) Dakar

#9 Rosalie Durand, 10, Nice, France

#10 Adveeta Venkatesh, 10 Years Old, Mumbai, India

#11 Leona “Nona” Del Grosso Sands, 6, Glendale, Ca

#12 June Grosser, 8, Hamburg, Germany

#13 Andrea Testa, 9, Catania, Italy

#14 Yusuf Abdullah Al Muhairi, 9, Mirdif, Dubai, Uae

#15 Tharkish Sri Ganesh (10) And Mierra Sri Varrsha (8), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#16 Siti Khaliesah Nataliea Muhamad Khairizal, 9, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#17 Greta Moeller,7, Hamburg, Germany

#18 Frank Fadel Agbomenou, 8, Dakar, Senegal

#19 Cooper Norman, 12 (10 At Time Of Shoot), Altadena, Ca, USA

#20 Isaiah Dedrick, Long Beach, Ca

#21 John Hintze, 7, Hamburg, Germany

#22 Paolo Mendolaro, 9, Belpaso, Sicily

#23 Alexandra (9, Left) And Jessica (8, Right) Lewis, Altadena, Ca, USA

#24 Henrico Valias Sant`anna De Souza Dantas, 10, Brasilia, Brazil

#25 Daria Joy Cullen, 6, Pasadena, California

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