‘Guests are stunned, the groom’s mom is enjoying her time’, The video that is definitely worth watching!

Who wouldn’t want to partake in the celebration of two people finding love and committing to each other for eternity?

I yearn for the melodies, the happiness, and the presence of family and friends coming together to mark this special occasion. However, for now, amidst the current turmoil, all we can do is reflect and revisit memories through photos and videos from a time when physical distancing wasn’t a concern.

The footage provided acts as a subtle reminiscence of the things we took for granted before 2020 arrived.

This particular wedding video is exceptionally lovely as it captures the groom and his mother sharing a dance on the dance floor. Typically, we witness the bride dancing with her father at weddings, so this unique twist is truly delightful.

Gabe Helguera should feel a sense of pride towards his mother, Susan, who impressively matches his dance moves. They exhibit their remarkable dancing abilities to the tune of the popular song “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. However, as the music progresses, it becomes apparent that it’s a special medley, a creative idea brought to life by Susan.

Watch the video below and enjoy the performance!

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