Heartbroken woman finds abandoned dog tied to fence with only blanket and food

No dog should ever have to endure the pain of abandonment. The fear and uncertainty it brings are unimaginable, leaving lasting emotional scars. When Mia, a Pitbull, was callously abandoned by her owner in Newark, New Jersey, she found herself tied to a fence with just a small blanket, some food, and water.

Her owner vanished in the night, leaving Mia alone in the dark, hoping in vain for their return. Fortunately, kind-hearted people noticed Mia and came to her rescue just in time. Yasmin, a dedicated volunteer from Jersey Pits Rescue, rushed to her aid and was heartbroken by the situation.

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Mia’s sweet nature shone through as she quickly warmed up to Yasmin, wagging her tail and offering a grateful smile amidst the uncertainty. Despite the late hour, Yasmin decided to spend the night with Mia in her car, introducing her to treats and comfort.

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The following day, Mia received necessary care, including flea treatment, and was welcomed into Yasmin’s home. Described as a resilient and loving soul by the rescue, Mia’s adaptability and affectionate nature won over everyone she met.

Despite the ordeal of abandonment, Mia displayed impeccable manners and social skills, indicating she was once a cherished pet. She seamlessly integrated into her new environment, charming everyone with her love and affection, especially children.

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Thanks to the efforts of Jersey Pits Rescue, Mia found her forever home with a loving foster dad, David. Their instant connection and deep bond were evident from the start, leading to Mia becoming a beloved member of his family.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Mia’s foster situation turned permanent, with David and his family unable to imagine life without her. Now, Mia is embraced in a life filled with love, adventures, and security, never again having to face the pain of abandonment.

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Source: Jersey Pits Rescue

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