Here Are A Few Tombstones Of People With Deep-Rooted Humor

People’s last words have been long remembered, yet the memory will fade away with the passage of time but if those words are carved on stone, the remains of the memory would be here for a considerable amount of time. If you are not cremated and your ashes are placed in an urn out of sight, your remains and are handed over to a grave and you get a headstone, which is your last turn to engrave it with something to entertain the people who would come to visit your grave.

Losing a loved one can be extremely painful and a difficult situation for us. As for them, they would like us to always have a smile on our face when we think of them. Here are some gravestones of some people with deep-rooted humor who wanted their gravestones not make the visitors sad when they come to remember them.

1 Watch out if you read this


2 I saw this when I was visiting my grandmas grave


3 Sucks to be you

4 No place to go

5 When you want a classy gravestone


6 Discharged for loving


7 Should have listened

8 Smiling through the pain

9 I wanted a pyramid

Gerri Gray

10 Finally found it!

11 That’s it guys, It’s all over.


12 Shame on you people


13 No worries, he said he won’t

Dormant Braincell Research Project

14 Do not disturb mode on


15 When you are a big fan of Ouija boards


16 Hidden message

Mononc’ Paul

17 I’m leaving without my consent.


18 Destined


19 Well, that happens


20 Arthur AND his wife

21 No one believed her

NC Cigany

22 Damn I forgot to bring my flashlight!


23 Uncle Walter did enjoy his life

Bill Stephens


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