Homeowners Discover Abandoned Pup in Newly Purchased House

Upon purchasing an abandoned building in Caribou, Maine, the new owners were in for a surprise as they began renovations – they found a lonely and scared little puppy locked away in a closet.

Heartbreaking Discovery

The new owners were deeply saddened by the neglected state of the pup and couldn’t fathom how someone could abandon a pet in such a cruel manner, devoid of food and water. They promptly alerted the authorities about the distressing situation.

Swift Action and Justice

The police and humane society quickly responded to the call, rescuing the malnourished Pitbull mix and providing urgent medical attention.

Officer Douglas Bell stated, “Once we’re able to interview the owner and assess the dog’s condition, we’ll determine the appropriate charges.” The dog had been left alone for a prolonged period in the foreclosed and vacant building.

abandoned sad dog sitting in a car and looking through the window

Legal Action Taken

Under Maine laws, the cruel owner faced charges of Animal Cruelty, a class D misdemeanor, with penalties of imprisonment up to 364 days and a ban on owning animals. Additionally, they were fined not less than $500 to cover the pup’s medical expenses.

The Caribou Police Department expressed gratitude for the public’s assistance and ensured that the dog was receiving the necessary care.

Chief Michael Gahagan and the department thanked the Central Aroostook Humane Society, the Maine State Animal Welfare Office, and the public for their support in the dog’s rescue and recovery.

Final Message

It’s essential to remember that abandoning pets is unnecessary. If unable to care for them, consider bringing them to a local shelter where they can find a loving home. Share this story to raise awareness and promote responsible pet ownership.

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