How Souls Choose Their Families And Friends Before Birth

Our inner being possesses an extraordinary capability to choose various paths for us. Our souls embark on numerous journeys throughout our existence, dictating our growth and being.

Throughout many lifetimes, our souls take on various physical forms. Each incarnation may bring about different sets of parents and companions, but there may be instances where familiar faces may reappear. It is the soul that chooses these connections before arriving in the world. Once we arrive, we are not able to recollect these decisions.

Before our arrival, we spend time in the source where we select the life we desire, the people we associate with, and everything in between. We choose the family and partners who will guide us along the way. At times, we may even decide to switch roles with someone with whom we had a close bond in a previous life. The possibilities are endless.

Soul contracts encompass the time, date, and place of our birth, as well as our family and every detail of our lives until our death. Although we may not remember the choices we made as a spirit, everything that happens to us is predetermined and intended to align with the life we envisioned.

Do not worry that you lack free will or responsibility for your actions. You possess the power to modify the plan you created. Your soul contract serves as a guide to help you attain your goals in life, but it does not hinder your ability to pursue what you desire.

If you encounter the right person at the right time, it is likely due to your soul contract. Everything in your life occurs for a reason, and it is important to learn from each experience. Strive to make your spirit proud by embracing every opportunity for growth.

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