I came home and found my humiliated wife crying behind a closed door

A man sought advice on the “AITA” forum on Reddit, questioning whether he was wrong to ask his sister and her twin daughters to leave his home. The dilemma arose when his sister, going through a divorce, requested accommodation for herself and her 16-year-old daughters. Despite the man and his wife facing challenges due to the wife’s cancer diagnosis and ongoing chemotherapy, they decided to welcome the sister and nieces into their home.

The wife, dealing with the emotional impact of her medical condition, wore a wig to regain confidence. The nieces, curious about the wig, asked to touch and style it, but the wife declined. However, the nieces took the wig without permission, filmed the wife, and laughed at her distress.

Discovering his wife in tears, the man confronted his sister and nieces, demanding the return of the wig. The nieces dismissed it as a prank, triggering the man’s anger. When the sister downplayed the incident, the man decided to evict them, despite knowing they had nowhere else to go.

Despite pleas and tears from the sister and nieces, the man stood firm in his decision. Seeking opinions on Reddit, users supported his actions, emphasizing that the nieces, at 16, should know better and understand consequences. Many asserted that the man’s response was justified, given the disrespectful behavior toward his sick wife.

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