I pushed my spouse out of bed to stop what I believed was snoring

A young woman named Lisa Lee, aged 25, recounted a heartbreaking incident to Metro magazine. One night, while peacefully sleeping beside her husband, Lewis Little, also 25, she was abruptly awoken by what she initially thought was the sound of snoring.

Surprised by this as her husband rarely snored, she gently nudged him in an effort to make the noise cease.

“I thought he was snoring, so I pushed him out of bed to stop. But when I felt the sheet was wet, I realized something was wrong. I turned on the light and looked at his bruised face because he couldn’t breathe. I called the ambulance, but until it arrived, it seemed as if an eternity had passed,” Lisa shared.

When the ambulance finally arrived, the doctors told the devastated woman that her husband had been dead for a couple of hours.

She didn’t want to believe that because she knew she heard him snoring. It was then that they explained to her that the snoring she though she heard was the sound of air coming out of his body and touching his vocal cords.

Lisa was aware her husband was suffering from Brugada syndrome, a rare heart condition that’s usually inherited and affect the heart rhythm. Although this condition can be life-threatening, Lewis was assured that he would live a long time and that his life wasn’t in danger.

He passed away a year after being diagnosed.

We are so very sorry for this loss. May he rest in peace.

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