If you Love her, Don’t Destroy Her

The person you love is going to be a whole new adventure for you, and for her.

Be genuine about your thoughts in the first place. Never get close to another soul for sake of being in love. Do it with all your heart and if it doesn’t accept it isn’t the fault in her but you. You are not ready!

If by chance you fall for her, know her by all her thoughts, attract her by her own beauty and admire her for all that you fell for. Let her know her worth and grow with her.

Appreciate perfections and imperfections. Support her with standing up even in a annoying huge crowd and being strong to fall into your arms.

Understand the flaws that break you and make you of hers. Appreciate her dedication of thinking of you being there for you when her life already threw her so many reasons not to. She is surely a girl who got hurt but won courage to trust in you, admire and adore her for that, and make sure you never let her down.

She can win you mysterious games and survive winters for you. She only needs you to be there. Be there for her emotionally. Love her to the tiniest cell in her. Dress her with beauty and accept her for otherwise.

She defines herself by how you see her in your eyes. Make it angelic and live.

If you love her do not destroy her. Make it your passion to build her. From the bottom line of her fears until she face it in confidence. Impress her own ability to win over the boundaries others create upon her. She will be unstoppable.

Look into her eyes with all of it and if you see love, know that she loves you more than you do. If all you wanted was a world with her, she’ll bring down the whole universe for you. If all hold hands for a better present she will have the potential to bring you an entire future with love.

She’ll be your reflection in double doses. All you have to do is be there for her big time, love her, keep her wild, beautiful and complete.

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