If you see a man with one painted fingernail, here’s what it means

During a trip to Cambodia, Elliot Costello had a life-altering encounter with a young girl named Thea, an experience that would propel him into initiating a movement dedicated to eradicating child sexual abuse.

Thea, with her consistently adorned tiny nails, became the catalyst for change. Engaging in conversation with Elliot, she asked to paint one of his nails. Unbeknownst to him, Thea had survived sexual abuse. Touched by her story, Elliot pledged to keep the painted nail as a constant reminder of her and the adversity she had faced.

Motivated by Thea’s resilience, Elliot resolved to inspire positive change among men, aiming to reduce the prevalence of child sexual abuse. Thus, the #PolishedMan movement was born, where men paint one of their nails to symbolize the one in five children destined to be victims of sexual violence.

The mission of Polished Man is clear: combat sexual violence against children by challenging violent behavior and language on both local and global scales. Elliot, acknowledging that men are responsible for 96% of such violence worldwide, sees them as crucial catalysts for the necessary transformation to end the exploitation of innocent children.

Beyond serving as a poignant reminder of the alarming statistics surrounding child abuse, the painted nail acts as a conversation starter, sparking discussions about prevention. Elliot envisions the movement encouraging people to contribute to educational programs and resources for child survivors of abuse through donations.

In the quest for a safer world for children, the hope is that more men, including celebrities, will embrace the #PolishedMan movement. Share this article with your family and friends on Facebook to raise awareness and inspire collective action against child sexual abuse.

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