Istanbul Makes Statue in Honor of the Town’s Most Beloved Cat at His Favorite Spot

Istanbul, Turkey, is well known for the incredible architecture and scents, around the world, as it has an extremely beautiful melting pot of cultures halfway between West and East. There was a cat who, in recent years took the web by storm, who gave this beautiful city even more character. Although Tombili is no longer with the townsfolk due to an illness, the good-hearted citizens of Istanbul took it upon themselves to honor her.

Image credit: tapirr/Reddit

Tombili is a cat who eventually became a real celebrity in Istanbul, and not everybody knows his story. He took the internet by storm due to his relaxed poses when he was on the walls and sidewalks of his neighbourhood. Although being a wanderer, the cat was loved by one and all, and he never seemed to run out of food either.

Image credit: Anatolian Cat / Facebook

As time passed on, Tombili became the town’s mascot and the city’s symbol. He reminded passers-by to live a tranquil, less stressed life, and find a moment to relax on a busy day. However, the town mascot fell ill, and died a few days later, even after the valiant efforts of the townsfolk. The entire city was heartbroken by Tombili’s death.

Image credit: Anatolian Cat / Facebook

Many townsfolk, young and old alike, began leaving notes and signs on Tombili’s favourite bench and on the sidewalk which made this cat famous. This caused his fans to honor the cat, as his memory should be kept alive. The townsfolk got together and petitioned to put up a bronze statue of Tombili, representing her in her most symbolic pose.

Image credit: Imgur

With 17,000 signatures, the statue was finally revealed to the public. Humans and other cats will try their best to keep and honor Tombili’s legacy. Today, this statue is a remembrance of a cat, who taught people, young and old alike, to love, take a step back, relax and enjoy their lives.

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