Japanese Fluffy Birds Resembling Flying Cotton Balls

Japanese Fluffy Birds Resembling Flying Cotton Balls

There are certain things that come to our mind as soon as we hear the word ‘Japan’. The beautiful Sakura flowers, the delicious Shushi, and beautiful ladies with kimonos are some of them and perhaps you would have a lot more to add to the list. Even after facing the monstrous consequences of the world wars, Japan had the strength and the courage to get back on its feet and as a developed country today, Japan is giving lessons to the whole world about the importance of being courageous and determined.

Even when it comes to beauty, only a few other countries can beat the beauty of Japan. There are various flora and fauna unique to this beautiful land and we are going to talk about a cute fluffy snowball that can only be spotted in this majestic country.

So, scroll down to see a few pictures of these toy-like creatures.

This beautiful bird species is called Shima-enaga and they live only on Hokkaido island in Japan. This island is one of the major tourist destinations of the country because of the iconic landscape on the island which is created by volcanic eruptions in past. Tourists are now coming to the island to see Shima-enagas as well.

These little birds look as if they are coming out of a toy shop and you would never think that they are real unless you have heard of them before. They have tiny eyes and a long tail and you can always see them in groups. The adult birds grow up to a size of 13-15 cm and would weight around 7-9 grams. However, even though they look just out of snow, they do not like the cold season. They need energy-rich food to survive the season but overall, they manage to stay quite well.

They are quite adorable from all sense of the word and if you are planning to visit Japan, do not forget to pay a visit to these cuties.

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