Lifeless Dog Rescued by Hero Firefighters Through Mouth-To-Snout Resuscitation After Being Pulled from Fire!

It’s heartwarming to see our firefighters value every life! ❤️

This lucky baby, named Nalu, is going home tonight thanks to the brave and compassionate firefighters who saved him. These beautiful souls will go to great lengths to save any life, whether human or animal. Thank you for your exceptional work! ❤️

An abandoned puppy was rescued by a firefighter and taken to a shelter. Last week, a building complex in Santa Monica caught fire. When the firefighters arrived, they found Nalu unconscious and barely breathing.

Firefighter Andrew Klein shared with KABC: “I found him in the heat and smoke, I reached out and discovered he was already gone. Before putting the puppy in an oxygen mask, Klein performed mouth-to-snout CPR, and after nearly 20 minutes, the dog began breathing on its own.”

Nalu regained consciousness and started moving again. Neighbors then took him to a nearby animal hospital, but sadly, his owner Crystal Lamirande couldn’t save him upon returning home to find her apartment on fire.

Klein expressed, “That was quite great; I have been involved in numerous similar animal rescues. In ten minutes, firefighters extinguished the fire without causing any injuries.”

Thank you to the firefighters for their care and for giving this little dog a second chance at life! ❤️👏🏻

Firefighters are true heroes for both pets and people! ❤️

This firefighter’s act of saving this precious pup is truly heartwarming. ❤ Firefighters not only keep us safe but also extend their compassion to saving our pets. As a dog lover, we appreciate your heroic efforts! 🐕🐾🐕

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