“Now I Have to Live to 107”, Cameron Diaz Explained What It’s Like to Be a Mom at 47 Years Old.

Studies say that around the time after childbirth, older mothers are happier than their younger counterparts. Cameron Diaz is the ideal example of late motherhood. When you hear her story, you will most definitely change your mind about becoming a mother after 40. Today we bring to you the story of Cameron Diaz and his husband Benji Madden who became proud parents in December 2019. As everyone knows, Diaz is in her late 40s, which is quite late for motherhood. Their story became an internet sensation and became a hot topic regarding late motherhood. Her story gave other women hope of being mothers later on in life.

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Although Diaz had tried to keep her life private, sources in her close circle share that Madden and Diaz had tried for years to conceive, before they were blessed with their daughter Raddix. A source stated that “They went through so much to get to this point.” After giving over half her life to the public, Diaz shares that now it’s time for her “to take time for myself now to reorganize and choose how I want to come [back] into the world.” Being grateful, happy and blessed to be starting a new decade with a baby, Diaz states that protecting her little one is one of her main goals.

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During an interview Diaz had with Jimmy Fallon, she went on to confess that the time she spends with her baby girl, is a form of heaven on earth. Her look of peace and look of pure happiness allows us to believe that this is true. Day in and day out, this actress tries to enjoy the small moments with her precious daughter because “every single day, there are leaps and bounds, and these things that happen — she’s not the same baby she was yesterday.” In the interview, the star goes on to explain that such good things have never happened to Benji and herself. “It’s so gratifying to actually get to see that growth and to be a part of it and to help let her be her, and it’s just amazing.”

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The actress laughs and goes on to make fun of herself saying that she no longer has pictures of her 4 dogs and their poops. Both Diaz and Benji have “Elmo’s Song” and “Baby Shark” on repeat, and they all love it. This proud mother is still in awe of seeing her daughter look at her father with endless love. Diaz also goes on to share in an interview with Naomi Campbell that she likes to find a sense of balance in life. She goes on to explain that many women become mothers the other way round, and says, “They get married [and] have a family in their youth. I’m kind of doing it in the second half of my life.” She is finally loving the fact that her life is now private. Being ironic, Diaz says, “I have to be, like, 107. So, no pressure!”

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Although she’s coming in on her golden years, the actress is more than sure that this is the happiest and the “sweet spot” in her life. She goes on to say that this new phase in her life cannot be compared to the previous experiences she had travelling and working. “Having a family when you’re young, it’s like anything when you’re young, you do it. When you’re my age and you decide to do it, it’s a real choice.

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You really have to work hard for it.” As the balance in Diaz’s life had finally been reached, Campbell noticed that the actress looked happier and more beautiful than before. In your opinion, what are the main benefits of being a mother later on in life? What do you think the best age to have a baby is? Feel free to share your thoughts and insights with us.

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