Man Moved In With His Girlfriend, And When He Learned That She Was The Owner Of The House He Wanted Half Of The Rent Money She Is Receiving

An 18-year-old woman recently shared her unique experience on Reddit’s “AITA” subreddit. In her story, she disclosed that her father had left her a two-story home, and she was currently renting out the first floor, earning $500 monthly in rent.

The reason behind the seemingly affordable rent was the distance of her house from the city, as similar properties nearby were leasing for $600 to $700 per month. Seeking a solution to her boyfriend’s rental woes, the woman invited him to move in with her, given his challenges with accommodation and his reluctance to return to his parents’ home.

For three months, the couple cohabited, with the woman generously refraining from asking for rent and only sharing the expenses for groceries. Interestingly, she hadn’t informed her boyfriend about being the property owner, considering it inconsequential. However, the revelation occurred when her tenant approached her about a malfunctioning freezer, unwittingly exposing her property ownership to her boyfriend.

Upon learning about her landlord status during the freezer discussion, her boyfriend became upset and accused her of concealing this information deliberately. The revelation led to a heated argument where the boyfriend insisted she share 50% of her rental income or be deemed as morally reprehensible as he believed landlords to be. Resorting to a silent treatment, the boyfriend further escalated the situation.

Eventually, the woman decided to end the relationship and sought support from her father during the confrontation with her boyfriend. During their discussion, the boyfriend contended that if she wasn’t renting out the property solely for profit, she should have no qualms giving away the money earned.

To address his demands, she proposed donating half of the rental income to a charity, but her boyfriend accused her of selfishness and expressed shame in her actions. The confrontation escalated, leading to the boyfriend deciding to cut ties with both the woman and her father.

Some Redditors offered advice, suggesting the woman change the locks and remain vigilant in case her ex-boyfriend attempted to contact her.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Feel free to share your opinions.

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