Man With 95 Percent of His Body Covered in Tattoos Shares Transformation from 5 Years Ago

Man With 95 Percent of His Body Covered in Tattoos Shares Transformation from 5 Years Ago

Tattoos serve as just one avenue among many for expressing individuality. Some opt for modest ink, while others embark on a journey of adorning entire body sections.

A tattoo apprentice named Tristan Weigelt, aged 26 and adorned with extensive body art, gained attention by revealing his appearance before transforming his body into a canvas.

The initial images were truly remarkable.

Keep scrolling to witness the visual documentation.

Weigelt’s venture towards enveloping 95 percent of his body in tattoos commenced at the age of 20.

“It’s somewhat strange to see myself without all the tattoos,” he shared with the Daily Star.

“Interestingly enough, I still feel exactly the same on the inside as before.”

Among the inkings, he identified the ones on his face and head as the most agonizing, equating the sensation to being scraped with a metal brush.

“It involved six full-day sessions, each lasting between five and six hours, and the pain was probably an eight out of 10.”

While many individuals choose tattoos with profound meanings, Weigelt asserted that his body art bears no concealed messages or significance.

After a span of five years, Weigelt has invested $50,000 in his tattoo journey.

For those contemplating a tattoo, Weigelt imparts advice, “Select what you love and what resonates with you. I see many people fretting about a particular tattoo suiting them or not aligning with their style. If you like it – go for it.”

Impressive. What an astonishing metamorphosis!

Would you ever contemplate adorning your entire body with tattoos? Personally, I’m uncertain if I would.

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