Masterful Painting Of Jesus By 8-Year-Old—Says She Saw The True Face Of Jesus

After enduring theft, wrongful sale, and 16 years of obscurity, Akiane Kramarik’s transcendent portrayal of Jesus, “Prince of Peace,” painted at the tender age of 8, has emerged as a resplendent masterpiece.

Now at the age of 28, Akiane is a flourishing author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She attributes the creation of her masterpiece to a recurring “visionary inspiration” that drove her to depict a “profound role model for humanity.”

The captivating image of Jesus, meticulously crafted by Akiane’s strokes, made its debut on the Oprah Show when she was just nine years old. During an interview, Oprah inquired about the source of Akiane’s gift, to which the young prodigy confidently replied, “It comes from God.”

Despite growing up in an atheist household in Idaho, Akiane’s spiritual awakening coincided with her artistic journey. Her mother, Forelli Kramarik, noted, “Simultaneous with art was a spiritual awakening.” This transformation unfolded as Akiane began sharing her dreams and visions, surprising her family with discussions about God.

Home-schooled and sheltered from external influences, Akiane’s profound insights into God didn’t stem from outside sources. Her mother highlighted that “there suddenly were intense conversations about God’s love, His place [in our lives], and she would describe everything in detail.”

Akiane revealed that the inspiration for the painting came from a childhood dream. Initially considering poetry and literature to convey her visions, she ultimately turned to painting, finding it more suitable.

The search for a model for Jesus led Akiane to prayer, resulting in the appearance of a tall carpenter at their doorstep. Convinced he was the chosen model, Akiane painted the “Prince of Peace,” a masterpiece that gained global recognition for its vibrant and precise techniques.

Despite being stolen on its way to an exhibition, the painting resurfaced years later, covered in sawdust due to a shipping mishap. Akiane, undeterred, meticulously cleaned it and sold it to a private collector after a legal battle to recover it failed.

As Akiane continued her journey, traveling to over 30 countries, giving art lessons, and spreading messages of peace and spirituality, she held onto the hope of reuniting with her cherished “Prince of Peace.”

The miracle occurred in 2019 when an unknown family, speculated to be one of the world’s most distinguished, acquired the painting for $850,000. They see themselves as stewards, committed to preserving the masterpiece for future generations.

Nearly two decades later, Akiane tearfully unwrapped her beloved “Prince of Peace,” expressing amazement at its return. In a recent interview with CBS, she marveled at the surreal experience and emphasized the power of love, stating, “Love is so powerful. It will always show up on time to people who need it most.”

The exhibition “Akiane: The Early Years,” featuring the renowned “Prince of Peace,” is currently on display at the Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, TX.

Akiane Kramarik’s exceptional talent transcends religious boundaries, inviting admiration even from those who do not share her Christian faith. Which of her works resonates with you the most?

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