Men’s Choir Performs ‘You Raise Me Up’ in the Mountains is Guaranteed to Give You Goosebumps

College Choir Elevates Josh Groban’s Hit with Acapella Brilliance

A well-executed acapella rendition can breathe new life into a song, highlighting its lyrics and showcasing the vocalists’ talent in a captivating way. This is vividly demonstrated in BYU Vocal Point’s rendition of Josh Groban’s beloved 2003 song, “You Raise Me Up,” where they infuse fresh energy into this inspirational piece.

The Genesis and Success of BYU Vocal Point

Established in 1991 by BYU students Dave Boyce and Bob Ahlander, BYU Vocal Point swiftly became a campus favorite, with their inaugural concert selling out. The nine-member acapella ensemble has since garnered numerous accolades, including a notable fifth-place finish in the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off. In December 2018, their talent was further recognized with a record deal from Universal Music Group’s classical label, Decca Gold. Reflecting on their journey, member Jason Bromley remarked, “We’re just regular college students doing remarkable things.”

“You Raise Me Up” Music Video: A Breathtaking Vocal Voyage

Against the backdrop of majestic mountains and valleys, the music video for “You Raise Me Up” kicks off with a solitary, melodious voice that soon intertwines with harmonious counterparts, producing a lush, layered sound. The group’s radiant and crisp vocals, combined with impressive vocal percussion, elevate the performance.

As the singers traverse the picturesque landscape, their rendition of the song evolves into an immersive journey. The tranquil setting accentuates the ability of music to transport listeners to another realm.

A Unique and Melodious Interpretation

The vocalists’ harmonies blend seamlessly, making it challenging to discern the lead singers. Their rendition of this widely covered song is refreshingly original, steering clear of mere replication. Instead, they infuse their distinctive style and arrangement into the piece, introducing a new twist towards the conclusion that enriches the harmonies. The grand finale, supported by a choir of additional students, delivers a profoundly impactful close.

This remarkable rendition of “You Raise Me Up” by BYU Vocal Point is primed to be a favorite. Sit back and savor this special and heartening performance.

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