Mindset Is Everything: Monk Climbs A Steep Hill With No Ropes Or Shoes

Not everyone is cut out for trekking. Conquering unfamiliar terrain that presents multiple challenges is not everyone’s forte. Trekking necessitates numerous items, including physical strength and determination. Even if you possess both physical strength and the necessary determination, there are still some essential things required for a successful and safe trek, such as trekking equipment.

However, these requirements apply to us mere mortals. Some individuals, perhaps better described as “superheroes,” do not need trekking equipment at all.

A video of a monk scaling a steep hill recently went viral on social media, illustrating that this monk possesses superhero abilities that regular trekkers do not possess. The clip was captured by a hiker who was fully equipped to climb the steep mountain. The monk, on the other hand, was right next to him, effortlessly ascending the hill! To make things even more incredible, the monk scaled the steep mountain barefoot!

Perhaps we should have taken gym class more seriously, after all!

The video of the monk climbing the mountain without any equipment was posted on Twitter with the caption “My first day in San Francisco.” It’s no wonder that people were left amazed and shocked by the footage. As soon as it was posted, the video went viral on the micro-blogging site, and netizens were enthralled by the monk’s mountain-climbing abilities.

Twitter users were so astounded by the video that they expressed their surprise and awe. Here’s what they had to say.

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