Gorilla Mama Brings Out Her Baby To Meet Human Mom And Newborn On Other Side Of Glass

No barriers allowed for mothers love – Mother Gorilla in love with a newborn human baby. Having a baby is something beautiful situation that someone can have in their life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a human or an animal; you can feel motherhood. The Austin family took a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston recently with their newly born baby. Emmelina, the mother, carried their baby covered with a warm blanket where the baby can sleep peacefully.

Michael Austin

When they reached the Gorillas, the mother Gorilla, Kiki, came near the observation glass to see the human baby! Look how lovely she was looking at him!

Michael Austin

She observed the baby and tried to care for the baby through the glass. Then Kiki showed them her own baby Pablo to the human family. She tried to communicate, using her hands, and Pablo also pushed his face against the glass for a better view.

Michael Austin

It was an emotional moment for both Emmelina and her husband, Michael. Both of them had tears, and Michael was able to capture both parties in the same picture. It was a great moment to savoring this unique encounter for a few minutes.

Michael Austin

The glass wall could separate them physically, but the mother’s love is much more than anything.

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