Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Calf Out Of The Water To Let Boaters Pet Her

Traveling to beautiful places and exploring the wonders of the sea is a favorite pastime for many. Nothing compares to the turquoise-blue oceans and the amazing sea creatures that inhabit them. Recently, a group of tourists had the opportunity to witness the beauty of the San Ignacio Lagoon situated in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. While on a sightseeing boat ride, they observed a large mass moving underneath their boat, causing them to be nervous and scared. However, it turned out to be a mother whale, accompanied by her baby calf, who was trying to interact with the humans.

The mother whale even lifted her calf out of the water to showcase it to the tourists, who were able to touch both the mother and baby whale, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them. The San Ignacio Lagoon is a popular spot for these magnificent creatures as hundreds of gray whales migrate 6,000 miles every year from their feeding grounds in Alaska to mate and give birth in the lagoon between January and April. The whales prefer this location because of the shallow waters.

If you visit the San Ignacio Lagoon, you can hear the soothing sound of whales exhaling out of their blowholes, which is known to be the most nurturing and gentle sound in the world. This area is well-known for whale watching because of the large number of whales present there. However, the local authorities have taken necessary actions to maintain the balance between tourism and conservation, ensuring that the whales are protected from major threats in the lagoon. Whale watching guides also play a vital role in preserving these gentle giants and putting an end to whale hunting.

Image/Video Credit & More Info: One World One Ocean

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