Mothers Who Are Strict Tend To Have More Successful Children

Growing up with strict parents may have been challenging, with constant demands to clean your room, do your homework, and plan for your future. Many of us have experienced the tough love of strict mothers who seemed to make our lives feel like hell at times. However, according to research conducted by Erica Rascon, a professor from the University of Essex, having a strict mother can actually lead to successful outcomes for children.

Rascon’s study, which spanned from 2004 to 2010 and involved over 15,000 children aged thirteen to fourteen, found that the expectations set by mothers played a significant role in shaping their children’s lives. In most cases, the mother was the primary influencer in determining aspirations and beliefs about accessing higher education. Children with mothers who had high expectations were more likely to be confident and self-assured. Daughters, in particular, had a 4% lower chance of getting pregnant early and were more likely to complete college and secure good jobs if they had persistent and nagging mothers.

The idea may seem counterintuitive, but Rascon suggests that children often end up being successful by doing what they believe is most convenient for them, even if it goes against their parents’ wishes. However, she notes that regardless of how much we try to avoid our parents’ influence, their guidance subtly impacts the decisions we make and shapes our lives in profound ways.

While strict mothers may often be seen as the enemy by their children, as we grow older, we begin to understand the reasons behind their strictness. We realize the sacrifices they made and the efforts they put into raising us right. We may even strive to adopt similar parenting approaches with our own children, appreciating the impact our mothers had on our lives.

In conclusion, growing up with a strict mother may have been challenging, but research suggests that it can lead to positive outcomes in the long run. The high expectations and persistent efforts of strict mothers can instill confidence, discipline, and motivation in their children, ultimately contributing to their success in various aspects of life. So, while it may have been tough at times, one day we may come to appreciate and thank our strict mothers for the way they raised us.

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