Mourning mom sells stillborn baby’s crib for $2: A week later, buyer returns it transformed

Anticipating the arrival of a baby is an unparalleled joy, filled with excitement and happiness for the parents-to-be. Valerie Watts experienced this profound joy but, tragically, her elation turned into heartbreak when she gave birth to a stillborn baby boy.

Throughout her pregnancy, everything seemed to be progressing well, until an abrupt change occurred. Valerie noticed a decrease in the baby’s movements, causing her great concern. Reflecting on those moments, she recalled, “All week, I knew. He wasn’t moving as much. I was very nervous.”

The cause of the heartbreaking outcome was revealed to be the umbilical cord becoming pinched in the womb, resulting in the premature end of baby Noah’s life.


Overwhelmed with grief, Valerie found it challenging to part with the crib she had purchased for her son. Keeping it at home served as a constant reminder of the tragic loss. Despite her hesitation, she decided to sell the crib during a garage sale.

Gerald Kumpula, residing a few miles away with a workshop on the outskirts of Cokato, noticed the crib at the sale and expressed interest in buying it, even though it wasn’t listed for sale. Valerie hesitated at first, unsure about parting with the crib.


Recalling the encounter, Kumpula mentioned, “He asked me if I was selling that, that he made benches. I hesitated.”

Unaware of the crib’s poignant history at the time, Kumpula’s wife inquired about its age while browsing through the baby clothes. Valerie shared the heartbreaking truth about her son’s passing in July.

Upon learning the emotional connection to the crib, Kumpula decided to transform it into a meaningful tribute. The crib was turned into a bench, which Kumpula then returned to the Watts family.

Valerie, deeply moved by the gesture, expressed, “I started crying instantly.” The bench, crafted from the crib, serves as a poignant reminder of the sorrowful times but also stands as a symbol of comfort for the grieving parents.

Watch the video below to witness this touching tale.

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