My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

In the course of a few months, a 32-year-old woman was in a relationship with her 39-year-old boyfriend, a father of two young children. However, she began to observe a recurring theme whenever they dined out, leading to a growing dissatisfaction with the situation. Frustrated, she eventually confronted her boyfriend, resulting in a heated argument. Seeking outside perspectives, she turned to Reddit to inquire whether her reaction was justified. Here is her account:

I f32 have been dating my boyfriend m36 for 9 months. He has two little children who love going out to eat. We go out once a week and each time he happens to forget his credit card to make a payment. I’d obviously end up paying since we had the kids with us. but honestly it left me broke this month and the month before.

I just recieved my payment for my 2nd job (part time). We agreed to go out together with the kids and I even sent him a text reminding him to not forget his credit card. He laughed it off.

At the restaurant we had ordered dinner and he let the kids order lots of new stuff on the menu which was $$$. Before we started eating I mentioned his credit card just to make sure he didn’t forget it. He looked at me shocked and then started searching his pockets for a while. He then looked at me in a sorry way and said “Guess I forgot it in the other pair of jeans that I thought I was going to wear” then asked me to foot the bill “just this time”. The food was on the table but I didn’t even get a bit. I grabbed my stuff and got up. He freaked out asking where I was going. I told him I wouldn’t be paying “this time AGAIN” and to enjoy his dinner with the kids. Then I walked out.

He called me later and absolutely lost it on me. he said that he couldn’t believe I’d walk and leave him and the KIDS in this situation. I said I wasn’t going to pay for him and the kids food every single time! it’s unfair! he said he forgot, FORGOT (he yelled like that) and that I did not show sympathy for him and the kids and he had to cancel and go home with the kids hungry since he couldn’t pay right there and then. We got into an argument and he’s been mad at me about it since then saying things like how he needs to take a look at how I’m treating the kids specifically and how I was willing to let them go hungry with my selfishness.


Redditors weighed in on the situation, with most reaching the consensus that he was using her.

What would you have done if you were the woman? 

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