My brother thinks I’m free babysitter to his 3 kids, constantly ruins my plans

Family conflicts can take a toll, and not every family dynamic is smooth. A 23-year-old woman recently shared her tumultuous story on Reddit, shedding light on the strained relationship with her brother that escalated into a messy situation.

The woman explained that her brother, a father of three, frequently dropped off his kids at her place without confirming her availability for babysitting. Despite enjoying spending time with her niece and nephews, she grew frustrated that her brother didn’t consider her schedule and commitments.

One day, when the brother insisted she babysit on short notice, she explained she had plans. Disregarding her, he dropped the kids at her door, stating that if anything happened, it would be her responsibility. In response, she warned him about involving the police if he proceeded.

Ignoring her warnings, the brother left the kids at her door, leading her to call the police. Child Protective Services became involved, and eventually, the children were taken into custody due to endangerment concerns. The woman was asked to be their legal guardian, a responsibility she accepted but kept secret.

When her brother discovered the situation, he accused her of ruining his family, and their family echoed the sentiment, except for their grandfather who supported her.

Over time, the woman began feeling less guilty about the situation, emphasizing that she loved her brother’s kids but needed proper notice for babysitting.

Opinions on Reddit varied, with many supporting the woman’s actions and asserting that she wasn’t at fault.

Some suggested there might be more to the story and questioned the ease with which custody was lost. Regardless, the consensus was that the brother’s failure to heed warnings played a significant role.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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