My Husband…

My spouse and I were all set to embark on a delightful evening of dinner and theater, impeccably dressed for the occasion. Given a past unfortunate incident of burglary, we took precautions by illuminating a ‘night light’ and relocating our feline companion to the backyard.

As our Uber transport arrived, we strolled out of our front door, only to witness our slightly plump cat swiftly darting between our legs and dashing up the stairs. Aware of our cat’s penchant for chasing our pet parakeet, we hesitated to leave them unsupervised. Consequently, my husband hurried back inside to fetch the cat and return her to the backyard.

Wishing to avoid informing the Uber driver that our home would be vacant for the entire evening, I discreetly informed him that my husband would join us shortly, as he was in the midst of bidding goodnight to my mother. A few minutes later, my husband joined the Uber, looking somewhat flustered. Much to my simultaneous horror and amusement, as the car pulled away, he uttered, “Apologies for the delay, but the tricky feline decided to hide under the bed. I had to resort to a coat hanger to coax her out. When she attempted to escape, I had to grab her by the neck and swaddle her in a blanket to prevent scratches, like last time. But it worked! I maneuvered her hefty self down the stairs and deposited her in the backyard. Let’s hope she refrains from soiling the vegetable garden again.”

A palpable silence enveloped the interior of the Uber…

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