17 Times Mother Nature Astounded Us With Her Works Of Art

Mother Nature never runs out of the wondrous ideas in her creations, and they never seize to amaze us. Whenever we think we know everything there is to know about nature, it always proves us wrong. Since we have an entire lifetime to the wondrous creations of Mother Nature, why should we waste it? We have compiled 19 of the most precious creations of nature.

With the wonderful creations of nature, you know that your spirits will be lifted wherever you go. Although nature tends to inspire us on a daily basis, it is a mystery as to where she draws her inspirations from. Whatever said and done, many of her creations tend to leave us gawking, which is not just the picturesque landscapes, but also all its living beings. Mother Nature has done it all from creating the most beautiful rainbows and double rainbows on the ground to the most dazzlingly placed shadows. We have compiled a set of the most amazing creations that Mother Nature has to off. Go ahead, check them and tell us what you think about them…

1. This white-spotted cat looks like a leopard, don’t you think?

Credits – © cileklilipstick / Twitter

2. Rainbow on a cobweb-covered field

Credits – © Th3sseract / Reddit

3. This brightly colored mushroom looks like it came right out of Smurfs

Credits – © Deferrariman / Reddit

4. Have you seen an apple on an apple?

Credits – © 27rlb / Reddit

5. Here’s to not tripping over gaps in the sidewalk

Credits – © ksprankle1 / Reddit

6. The perfect line pattern made by fallen leaves

Credits – © takenwastaken / Reddit

7. Sun + Tree = Perfect Circle

Credits – © arq_ronaldo / Twitter

8. When a leaf’s shadow falls on another leaf

Credits – © Snipes138 / Reddit

9. These potatoes look like gemstones

Credits – © 2pam / Reddit

10. The Spotted Zebra in the Kenyan Wild


11. Perfectly symmetrically colored flower

Credits – © airwolf222b / Reddit

12. Trees need hugs too

Credits – © aswalkertr / Reddit

13. What brilliance these crystals are…

Credits – © Pyramidiums / Reddit© Sebastian Emmanuel

14. Introducing Mr. Kitty Moustache

Credits – © Spunkymonkey899 / Reddit

15. Will grass look like this in the future?

Credits – © nselle20 / Reddit

16. Have you ever seen a grey-colored leaf?

Credits – © mmm-whip / Reddit

17. The magical horse’s eye

Credits – © zephyr0008 / Reddit

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