13 Moments When Nature Went to Great Lengths to Surprise Us

When we talk about nature we usually imagine beautiful settings, sunsets, gardens full of flowers, beautiful animals, etc; however, nature also has its strange and impressive side. Today we want to show you 13 photographs that will surely leave you impressed.

A musical note on my floor.

On the table in my garden it pretends that the glass is levitating.

My daughter found this huge leaf that flew into our garden.

This plant looks like it is pixelated in different colors.

The ombré effect of this Virginia creeper

It looks like a snake in a tomato.

This is the true size of an adult tortoise that bites down.

One of the most dangerous spiders in Australia.

A frog the size of a mosquito. It is one of the smallest that has been seen.

One of the largest cucumbers.

Thousands of tents in one place.

These bees are known as the blue band and they have a very beautiful color.

Nature recovering its territory.

What was your favorite?

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